Pancreas Transplant Alone Improves Complications in Type 1s

Researchers in Italy say that ype 1s who undergo a successful pancreas transplant alone, without having a kidney transplant as well, have improved kidney function as well as restored normal blood glucose levels without the need for insulin therapy.

The study looked at 32 type 1s who had successful pancreas transplants alone and compared them with 30 type 1s who did not receive a transplant. The transplant group was evaluated both before and one year after transplantation. “Pancreas transplant alone restored sustained normoglycemia, without exogenous insulin administration, and improved plasma lipid levels,” write the researchers. “Blood pressure decreased significantly.”

In addition, urinary protein excretion decreased significantly after the transplant, with four transplant patients with microalbuminuria and three with macroalbuminuria returning to normal kidney function. The researchers report that none of these improvements occurred in the group that did not undergo transplantation.

Diabetes Care, June 2005

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