Pain-Free Injections

Ferndale Laboratories of Ferndale, Michigan, is now promoting its time-released, deep penetration topical skin cream for purchase on the Web and pharmacy shelves.

The non-prescription cream is used to numb the skin before procedures and injections, and is also effective in treating minor cuts and abrasions. The cream contains four percent lidocaine, a dental anesthetic typically used to relieve mouth pain. The anesthetic is absorbed into the skin via the cream’s liposomal delivery system. The system has the same chemical structure as natural cell membranes in the body, which allows the cream to absorb more quickly, penetrate more deeply and last longer. Unlike Emla cream, ELA-Max is available over-the-counter, requires no occlusion to use and is quicker acting, according to Stephen King, Ferndale Laboratories’ senior product manager.

ELA-Max comes in 5-gram or 30-gram tubes. Prices range throughout the country. For more information, contact Ferndale Laboratories at (877) 352-6294. To order online, log on to or

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