Type 1 Diabetes: Ordering Infusion Supplies Online

Many pump manufacturers have online stores where you can order and pay for your infusion supplies. In addition to manufacturer Web sites, services are offered by Advantage Rx, CCS Medical, Fifty 50 Pharmacy, Focus Pharmacy, Logimedix and National Diabetic Pharmacy. In Canada, supplies can be obtained from AutoControl Medical.

Supplies from competitors may also be available on these sites. Nipro advertises a large selection of Medtronic MiniMed (MMM) supplies, Unomedical infusion sets, Simple Choice Easy Pro infusion sets for the Paradigm, and the SimpleChoice 3-ml reservoir for all MiniMed 500 series pumps. At Disetronic USA, you can order the Accu-Chek/Disetronic line of infusion sets, MMM infusion sets, Deltec Cozmo cartridges and the SofSet insertion device.

Unomedical manufactures the following sets: Comfort, Contact and Basic for multiple distributors, Quick-Set, Inset, Tender-Mini and Comfort Short. Quick-Set is a registered trademark of Medtronic MiniMed and is exclusively distributed by Medtronic MiniMed. Inset and Comfort Short sets are distributed by Animas Corporation.

How Much to Order?

Order enough to allow for 72-hour site changes. Don’t cut yourself short. You want to have enough supplies to help prevent a major site infection as well as for the occasional unplanned site failure.

For a list of charts go to Diabetes Health Charts.

Insulin Pump Infusion Supplies
This chart provides only a small sampling of suppliers and is not intended as a complete list.

Advantage RX(800) 682-8283Animas, MMM, Disetronic supplies
Animas Corporation(877) 937-7867Animas, Unomedical, MMM, Disetronic and Simple Choice
AutoControl Medical(800) 461-0991Animas, ADR products for standard luer fittings and Paradigm series
CCS Medical(800) 726-9811Animas, Cozmo, MMM supplies and pumps
Fifty 50 Pharmacy(800) 746-7505ADR products for standard luer fittings and Paradigm series
Focus Pharmacy(866) 403-6287Animas, MMM pumps, multiple-brand specific items for infusion sets, more
LogiMedix(800) 821-0047MMM, Disetronic, Simple Choice, cartridges and reservoirs, pre-filled cartridges, batteries, tapes, pumps
Medtronic MiniMed(800) 646-4633Paradigm and 500 series
National Diabetic Pharmacy(800) 525-5316All available pumps and supplies
Nipro Diabetes Systems(888) 651-7867Nipro and other supplies
Roche-Disetronic USA(800) 280-7801Accuchek (formerly Disetronic) and MMM supplies
Smiths Medical(800) 826-9703Cozmo-specific items, Unomedical Comfort infusion sets
SpectRX(877) 773-2879SimpleChoice sets, syringes for MMM 500 series

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