OneTouch Diabetes Management Software

As a user of LifeScan glucose meters, Iwas eager to take a look at their diabetesmanagement software.

Wasting no time, I installed the software,hooked up the data cable, grabbed mytrusty UltraSmart glucose meter and startedthe software by clicking on the OneTouchicon.

In the Patient Setup area I was able toenter my personal information—the typeof diabetes I have, desired glucose ranges,details about the medications I take and soon. One helpful feature in Patient Setup isthe Schedule screen, which allows for twoschedules: one for workdays and one foryour days off . This is a very nice feature sinceyou can choose different times for mealsand different glucose ranges for days whenyou are not following your everyday routine.

The software is designed to operate likea Web browser. There is a “home” screenand the ever-present “Back” button toreturn to a previous screen. Four prominentbuttons are located in the middle of thehome screen: Setup, Download Meter, ViewReports and Manually Enter Data.

The “Download Meter” button takes you tothe screen that allows you to retrieve datafrom the glucose meter.

Clicking on “View Reports” displays a screenthat allows you to select the type of reportyou want to view and whether it is to bedisplayed on the screen or output to aprinter. Any combination of reports may beselected and printed. If a report is viewedon the screen, three buttons on the toolbarallow you to print, e-mail or fax the report.

Offers a Variety of Reports

The OneTouch software offers a numberof reports such as Logbook, GlucoseTrend, Standard Day, Insulin, Pie Chart,Health Checks, Summary, Average Readingsand Exception.

The Health Checks report shows health-relatedfactors such as blood pressure,weight, doctor visits and results of A1C tests.

The helpful Summary report provides asnapshot of key reports for a given timeperiod.

Another nice feature is the Favorite Report,which has its own button at the top of thescreen.

A Version for Healthcare Professionals

A professional version is also available.The professional version adds a few morefeatures, including SnapShot, which willautomatically download the meter whenit is plugged into the data cable. In a busymedical office where many meters aredownloaded each day, this can be a bigtimesaver.

And Best of All, It’s Free!

The OneTouch software is available free ofcharge and can be downloaded from theLifeScan Web site. However, the program issizable, and downloading is recommendedonly if you have high-speed Internet access.If you are using a regular dial-up line foryour Internet connection, contact LifeScanto get the software on CD for $29.99. Thetotal price for a data cable and software onCD is $59.98.

For more information, contact LifeScanCustomer Service at (800) 227-8862, or

Q: Will the OneTouch software run on a Macintoshpersonal computer?

A: No. LifeScan does not plan to support the Macintoshcomputer.

Q: Is it possible to download multiple meters and mergethe data?

A: Yes. OneTouch will allow you to merge the data into asingle database.

The OneTouch software runs on several versionsof Windows including Windows 95c, 98SE, NT 4, 2000, ME and XP. You need 60 MB of disk space,64 MB of RAM, a serial or USB port, a CD-ROMdrive and a video monitor with 800 x 600 screenresolution and 256 colors. A data cable to downloadfrom the glucose meter is required and can beobtained from LifeScan for $29.99.

OneTouch Diabetes Management Softwareworks with the following meters:

  • OneTouch Ultra
  • OneTouch UltraSmart
  • OneTouch Basic
  • OneTouch SureStep
  • OneTouch Profile
  • OneTouch FastTake
  • OneTouch II
  • InDuo

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