Once-Weekly Byetta LAR (exenatide long-acting release): So Far, It Works

It's a fact that Byetta reduces A1c's, post-meal and fasting glucoselevels, and weight in people with type 2 diabetes. The drawback isthat it's another injection twice a day. In response, Amylin, themaker of Byetta, has developed exenatide LAR, a form of Byetta thatis injected only once a week.

A phase 2 clinical trial recently published in Diabetes Care hasfound that like Byetta, exenatide LAR improves blood glucose controland causes weight loss in people with type 2 diabetes. In theplacebo-controlled study, exenatide LAR was given subcutaneouslyonce weekly for 15 weeks to 45 patients with type 2 diabetes. At theoutset, they were not well controlled on metformin or with diet andexercise, and their average A1c was 8.5 percent. Each patient onexenatide LAR received either 0.8 or 2.0 mg.

Both doses of the LAR formula reduced fasting plasma glucose andaverage daily blood glucose, both of which increased in the placebogroup. A1c's increased slightly in the placebo group but decreasedin the exenatide LAR patients, by 1.4 points in the 0.8 mg group andby 1.7 points in the 2.0 mg. group. The 2.0 mg LAR group lost anaverage of 8.4 pounds, but the 0.8 mg group and the placebo grouplost no weight. No one had to discontinue the treatment due toadverse events.

Source: Diabetes Care 2007

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