On “Alert Day,” ADA Offers Online Test for Type 2

Today is the American Diabetes Association’s 26th Annual Alert Day, when the association reaches out to inform Americans about the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

According to the ADA, more than 25 percent of Americans who have type 2 don’t know it.

To alert them, the ADA is sponsoring a simple online test that people can take to see if they may have type 2 or are running a high risk of acquiring it.

The ADA is also offering a series of active-lifestyle events called Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes events nationwide.

The test is available online at http://www.diabetes.org/are-you-at-risk/diabetes-risk-test/. Once there, visitors can take the short test online or download a print version.

ADA’s Facebook site explaining the test and linking to Step Out is at: https://www.facebook.com/AmericanDiabetesAssociation.

The Step Out program link is located at http://stepout.diabetes.org/.

For every diabetes risk test taken, Boar’s Head Brand, a delicatessen products manufacturer, will donate $5 to the ADA starting today and through April 25, 2014, up to $50,000.

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