OmniPod: An Insulin Pump Plus Glucose Monitoring System

In February 2005, Insulet Corporation of Bedford, Massachusetts, announced that its OmniPod Insulin Management System received FDA approval.

The OmniPod, according to Insulet, is a “two-part system combining the proven healthcare benefits of continuous subcutaneous insulin delivery and blood glucose monitoring technology.”

The system will be available by prescription later this year.

“The OmniPod Insulin Management System builds upon the safety and reliability of today’s conventional insulin pumps while incorporating new technology and features that offer unprecedented performance, convenience and ease of use,” says a spokesperson for Insulet. “Similar to currently available insulin pumps, the system features fully programmable continuous subcutaneous insulin delivery with multiple basal rates and bolus options, suggested bolus calculations, safety checks and alarm features. It also incorporates blood glucose monitoring technology.”

The OmniPod is small, lightweight and combines an integrated infusion set, automatic inserter and insulin reservoir.

Each OmniPod is worn for up to three days. It is then removed and replaced with a new pod.

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Source: Insulet Corporation

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