“Omission” Re-Emerges As a Distressing Trend Among Type 1 Teen Girls

About 10 years ago Diabetes Health began reporting on “omission,” the practice among some type 1 teen girls of deliberately stopping their insulin intake to produce drastic – and fast – weight loss.

But the ego-enhancing effect of shedding those pounds carried a drastic price: an extremely high probability of life-threatening kidney, heart and foot problems later in life, thanks to the ravages of uncontrolled blood sugar.

The problem is still with us, although these days “omission” is called “diabulimia.” The February 27 online edition of U.S. News & World Report carries a chilling update on the condition, which is now considered a mental illness: “Diabulimia – A Young Diabetics’ Eating Disorder.” We recommend you read it here.

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