Now You Can Pocket Your Diabetes Supplies

A new product called Glucokit, manufactured by Massachusetts-based CommAve LLC, helps users integrate meters and accessories into a pocket-size package.

Randy Brown, president of CommAve, developed Glucokit after he became aware of the numerous devices, supplies and accessories that people with diabetes had to carry, unpack and repack.

“For those who choose to carry their accessories loosely in pockets, or in the far corners of an overloaded pocketbook, Glucokit puts it all together in a fully functional unit for immediate use,” says Brown.

The product arrives in kit form so that you can configure it to accommodate your own meter and testing supplies. Glucokit is designed to fit the vast majority of meters and lancing devices.

Glucokit also includes a medical information label, 15 weekly logcards and a logcard holder. Each logcard fits into the back of the Glucokit frame for easy review and recording of test results, carbohydrate intake, exercise times and medications.

Glucokit sells for $13.95, plus $4.50 shipping and handling (United States and Canada).

For ordering information, log on to or call (800) 548-0820.

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