Novo’s Rapid-acting Insulin Given FDA Approval

On June 8, Novo Nordisk announced the Food and Drug Administration approved insulin aspart (NovoLog), its new rapid-acting insulin analogue.

According to Novo, NovoLog has faster absorption, faster onset of action and shorter duration of action than Regular human insulin, allowing people with diabetes to inject themselves immediately before eating.

“NovoLog will add the option of another fine Novo Nordisk product to the treatment choice for Americans with diabetes and will complement our range of therapeutics and medical devices such as NovoPen3,” said Bill Poole, president of Novo Nordisk.

NovoLog is sold as NovoRapid outside the United States Novo Nordisk received marketing approval for NovoRapid from the European Union last year, and it is now available in several European countries, including the United Kingdom and Germany.

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