Novo Nordisk’s Improved FlexPen

Novo Nordisk has redesigned the FlexPen®, the number one selling pre-filled insulin pen in the world, to not only require less force when pushing the button to inject insulin, but also to clearly identify each type of insulin with prominent color branding. The FlexPen® is available with three Novo Nordisk insulin products: Levemir® (insulin detemir [rDNA origin] injection); NovoLog® (insulin aspart [rDNA origin] injection); and NovoLog® Mix 70/30 (70% insulin aspart protamine suspension and 30% insulin aspart injection, [rDNA origin]).

The improved FlexPen® has enhanced color branding, with color-identifiable cartridge holders for each type of insulin. When the cap is removed, the entire portion under the cap is colored (green for Levemir®, orange for NovoLog®, and clear for NovoLog® Mix 70/30). Packaging for both sample and trade products has been redesigned to match the colors of the FlexPen®. The improvements will help patients, HCPs, and pharmacists easily identify their insulin.

Like the original FlexPen®, the improved FlexPen® allows users to set an appropriate dose and does not permit a dose larger than the amount of insulin remaining in the pen. It also allows dose corrections without loss of insulin and provides doses in one-unit increments up to 60 units per injection (each pen contains 300 units in total). The dose scale of the improved FlexPen® automatically returns to zero after each injection to allow visual confirmation of dose delivery. Like the original FlexPen®, once in use the FlexPen® does not require refrigeration (below 86° F) for up to 42 days with Levemir®, for up to 28 days with NovoLog®, and for up to 14 days with NovoLog® Mix 70/30.

“Although insulin pens are underused in the U.S. versus other countries, the continued innovation we’ve seen with the FlexPen® may help meet the needs of people living with the challenges of this disease,” said Bruce Bode, MD, FACE, of Atlanta Diabetes Associates. 

The improved FlexPen® is now available nationwide and is covered by more than 90 percent of insurance plans. For more information about FlexPen®, click here. The prescribing information for the FlexPen® is available by contacting Novo Nordisk or visiting

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