Not All the Grains of Salt You Take Things With Are the Same

Not too long ago most of us figured that salt was the white stuff you poured outof the box that had the cute little girl with the umbrella on it. Occasionallywe might have heard somebody mutter something about "sea salt" or "kosher salt,"but for most of us it was all the same thing.

We know now that there's more than one kind of salt, especially as the sea andkosher varieties have made their way onto millions of spice racks. That makes iteasier to prepare ourselves for the next salt that people will soon be talkingabout: Himalayan Pink.

The pinkish product is mined from marine salts that fossilized more than 200million years ago as the Himalayas began rising from now long gone seabeds.People who love the mountain salt cite its rich mineral content, which includesiron, copper, calcium, magnesium and potassium, as one of its great assets.

Another benefit, proponents say, is that while much sea salt now comes frompolluted waters, the Himalayan deposits are pristine and unpolluted.

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