New Infusion Set


By: dhtest

Pump maker Disetronic announced on May 29 that its new Ultraflex Soft infusion set is now available for all insulin-pump users.

The Ultraflex Soft has a reversible connector at the base that “clicks” into place. In addition, it has a cannula that is tapered for easier insertion.

“We built this product from the ground up, using patient input to create the right features,” says John Odegard, marketing manager for Disetronic. “The Ultraflex is different from the Quick-set and Sof-set because the reversible ‘click’ connection system is much easier for persons who are vision impaired or have neuropathy.”

Odegard says the Ultraflex disconnects easily at the base, has a flexible Teflon cannula and doesn’t need an insertion device. It also has a clear window at the top of the infusion set, which makes it “easy to view your insertion site.”

Compared with the Sof-set, Odegard says the Ultraflex introducer needle is a smaller 27-gauge.

“The Sof-set has a 26-gauge needle, which extends four mm beyond the cannula,” he says.

The Ultraflex Soft has a 90-degree insertion angle, as well as a soft Teflon cannula, which can flex with the patient’s body tissue.

The universal connection feature is compatible with all insulin pumps on the market. The set comes in two cannula lengths and three tubing lengths to fit all body sizes and types.

Odegard says all infusion sets need to be changed approximately every three days.

Ultraflex Soft is available through diabetes-supply distributors and by calling Disetronic at (800) 280-7801 or log on to






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