New Yorkers, Speak Up! The Fight for CGMS Coverage Continues

If you are a New Yorker and have been denied CGMS coverage by insurance or would like coverage for a continuous glucose monitoring system, Gina Capone, founder of Diabetes TalkFest, wants you to Raise your Voice.

The rest of us should watch closely and participate by signing online petitions because if CGMSs are included on the list for mandatory insurance coverage in New York State, perhaps other states will follow suit.

Assemblyman Sweeney said that when he drafted the NY State mandatory insurance coverage diabetes laws, it was positioned as such that the NY State Health Commissioner, at his discretion, can add to the existing law, any diabetes product, medicine or technology that he deems necessary to be mandated for coverage by insurance companies. He does not even need an act of legislation, he can merely add to it.

Assemblyman Sweeney has contacted the Health commissioner asking to investigate if the CGMs warrant full coverage by insurance companies.

Capone wants all New Yorkers to send letters via “snail mail only” directly to the NY State Health Commissioner to let Commissioner Richard Daines know that you support his correspondence with Assemblyman Robert Sweeney to include CGMSs in the list for mandatory insurance coverage in New York State.

Capone’s site gives the mailing address as well as sample letters. Check it out and Raise your Voice.

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