New Toolkit Available for Community Health Workers To Educate People About Diabetic Eye Disease

The National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) of the National Eye Institute now has a Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit to help community health workers educate people with diabetes about diabetic eye disease. The Toolkit is available in both English and Spanish and its contents ensure that community health workers are equipped with science-based, user-friendly materials about diabetes and eye health to enable them to provide sight-saving information to groups of people with diabetes, their family, and their friends.

The Toolkit features a flipchart with colorful graphics for use in small group settings, a comprehensive module that provides background information on diabetic eye disease and assists presenters in using the flipchart, a full-color photonovella-style booklet about the importance of proper eye care for people with diabetes, and other educational materials. By using the Toolkit and other resources available from NEHEP, community health workers can play a crucial role in educating people with diabetes about maintaining healthy vision, getting a dilated eye exam at least once a year, and seeking the appropriate follow-up care for eye diseases.

If you are a community health worker or work with them in your programs, get a copy of the Toolkit today! To learn more, visit

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