New Software Saves and Shares Health Data for You and Your Family

The Body Journal software from Berkeley Medical is a new entry to the market and is not simply for managing your diabetes information: It allows you to record, save and share complete health information for your entire family.

Organized as a series of topics and operating similarly to a Web browser, every screen in the Body Journal is divided in two parts. The top half of the screen displays a navigation page that guides you through your personal health records and the different topics available. It also contains links to related information on the Web. The bottom of the screen shows the details of your health records according to the category or topic you are currently displaying.

The Body Journal starts with a home page that presents six topics. The first topic is called “Conditions.” It allows you to record information about any medical conditions such as diabetes or asthma, plus information about broken bones, drug and food allergies, injuries and pregnancy and birth information.

The Events topic allows you to record information about operations, doctor visits, dental records, accidents and other changes such as moving, marriage, a new job and so on.

In the Medications topic, you can record and track all of your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, vaccinations, vitamins, supplements and natural remedies. It also tracks the dosage of all medications. This is helpful because you can print a report for your doctor that shows all the medications you take. This can be important when looking for any drug interactions with over-the-counter or natural remedies.

The final topic, Monitoring, is where you go to record lab-test results, self-monitoring data (like blood glucose readings), exercise, your food diary and information about smoking and drinking alcohol, if relevant. Blood glucose-monitoring data can be entered manually or downloaded from a glucose meter.

The Body Journal costs $49.99 and can be ordered directly from Berkeley Medical at (888) 266-1996; or go to their Web site at to place an order or for more information about the software.

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