New Software Makes Analyzing Readings and Insulin Dosages a Piece of Cake

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to keep track of blood glucose readings and figure out insulin dosages? Do you have trouble collecting all the data your doctor needs for analysis and for your care? To address these problems, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has developed BD Diabetes Software, an easy-to-use program for tracking and analyzing patterns of blood glucose readings and insulin dosages.

Resembles a Web Browser

The software was designed to resemble a Web browser, similar to the one you use to access the Internet.

  • From the home page you can choose to download blood glucose readings from your BD glucose meter and view them on the screen or automatically print them out. (Note that this function works only with data from BD glucose meters.)
  • The meter page gives options for downloading blood glucose readings. It allows you to select the patient whose data you want to download, and it provides an interactive graphic showing the progress of the download operation.
  • From the view page you can create color-coded charts, reports or graphs. Some of the “views” available are trend charts, histogram, log book and standard day. “Zoom data link” is a unique feature of BD Diabetes Software that provides you with additional information about a blood glucose reading, such as when it was taken and insulin dose.
  • From the setup page you can choose options for printing units of measure (for example, mg/dk or mmol/L) as well as create user profiles. The software can be used by multiple users, and it allows you to download more than one glucose meter.

Speedy Test Results

The software can download 500 test results in less than 45 seconds. It runs in either a home user mode or a healthcare professional mode, which can track multiple users and is password protected.

BD Diabetes Software with USB or serial cable costs $59.99. Purchasing either the serial or USB cable separately costs $34.99.

For more information or to place an order, go to or call (888) 232-2737.

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