New Product Alert: Clemmy’s Sugar-Free Ice Cream

It’s National Diabetes Month! Why not reward yourself for all that work you’ve done educating yourself about diabetes, all that time you’ve watched your diet, and all that time you’ve spent exercising? Have yourself a little sugar-free ice cream!

Jon Gordon, the inventor of Clemmy, a line of sugar-free, preservative-free, super premium ice cream, developed his sugar-free recipes while experimenting with dozens of ingredients in his kitchen in Palm Springs, California. According to his press release, he worked 18 hours a day to come up with just the right formula. 

Gordon didn’t like any of the artificial sweeteners he tried because of their aftertaste. He found happiness when he was turned on to a natural sweetener, xylitol, made from fibrous vegetables and fruits.

Now Clemmy’s Ice Cream claims to have done something the big companies have all failed at-reproduced the taste and texture of the super premium ice creams with 25 percent less calories, less fat, and zero sugar per serving.

Clemmy’s, which was named after Gordon’s cat, is carried by over 1,000 stores, including Albertsons, Stater Bros., Gelson’s, Jensen’s, Harris Teeter, MDI/Lowes, and Bristol Farms. It comes in five delicious flavors: vanilla, coffee, chocolate, toasted almond, and chocolate mint swirl.

Check it out!

Source: Clemmy’s Ice Cream

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