New MediSense Meter Accurate Enough for Pregnant Women

The Precision QID passed a recent test, proving itself accurate enough to be used by pregnant women.

A new study, sponsored in part by MediSense, tested the Precision QID against a laboratory YSI glucose analyzer on pregnant women. The meter was never more than 20% off the laboratory readings.

“Our data established that the Precision QID is accurate and precise [enough] for monitoring glycemic control in pregnant subjects with diabetes,” the study concluded.

Patricia Stenger, leader of the study, said the the research should not be interpreted to say that the Precision is better than other meters. While studies in the past have raised questions about glucose meter accuracy for pregnant women, several meters have been shown to match the accuracy of the laboratory method, according to Stenger. The reason the Precision meter was tested is because it is a new product on the market. (Patricia Stenger et al. Diabetes Care 19:268, Mar. 1996)

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