New Medical Jewelry Holds a Lot of Information

A new line of medical ID jewelry is currently being marketed that will allow easy access to the wearer’s personal medical information. Inventor Audrey Eller has created a collection of lockets and bracelets that contain folded inserts disclosing medical information about the wearer. The folded insert can include information about personal physicians, allergies, special medications, blood types, and diabetes status.

The jewelry, called Med-I-Dent, is available in several different metallic finishes. Highly visible when worn, the jewelry is embossed with the Med-I-Dent logo and features the winged caduceus, one of the most highly recognizable medical symbols.

Med-I-Dent is unique from other ID jewelry in that the medical information is not engraved in metal. Instead, Med-I-Dent safely contains the information on a folded insert where it can be changed inexpensively if necessary.

In July 1992, Med-I-Dent won first place for Best Medical Invention in the fourth annual Great Idea Contest.

For more information about Med-I-Dent, call the ELA Corporation at 1-800-678-3031.

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