New Massachusetts Police Can’t Use an Insulin Pump

A 22-year-old who’s planning to graduate from college this spring with a degree in criminal justice has run up against a Massachusetts state law that bars anyone who wears an insulin pump from being hired as a full-time police officer.

A tall, handsome 200-pounder who has had type 1 diabetes since age 14, Gregory Hennick has already worked as a seasonal police officer and had passed the entrance exam and background check, so he was taken aback when his job offer from the Northampton Police Department was withdrawn due to the state regulation.

Gregory has filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. In response, the personnel administrator of the Massachusetts Division of Human Resources plans to explore whether the 2002 regulation needs to be reconsidered.

As the law stands now, people who take insulin injections may be hired as police officers, and those who go on the pump after their hire may continue to serve. Oddly enough, firefighters using a pump may be hired as well.

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The Boston Globe
The Boston Herald

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