New Journal Outlines Limb-Saving Procedure for Diabetic Foot Infections

In its first edition, the new bimonthly journal Foot & Ankle Specialist (FAS) offers a three-step treatment plan for patients with diabetic foot infections. Diabetic patients suffering from severe infections face a 25 percent risk of amputation.

The article, “A Stepwise Approach to the Surgical Management of Severe Diabetic Foot Infections,” recommends controlling an infection first “through aggressive and extensive surgical debridement” – the conversion of an infected wound into a state that approximates a “clean” wound through the removal of all diseased and infected tissue.

The second step is “a comprehensive vascular assessment with possible vascular surgery and/or endovascular intervention” to restore blood flow to the affected area. Finally, the article’s three authors recommend the reconstruction of soft tissue and the skeleton after the infection is eradicated, to allow the wound to be closed and the affected limb to heal.

The article can be viewed for a limited time by going to

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