New Insulin Pumps Released

Both MiniMed and Disetronic Medical Systems released new insulin pumps at the American Diabetes Association’s annual scientific meeting this past June.

The new 507 pump from MiniMed and the H-TRON-Plus from Disetronic both feature increased memory capacity and audio chimes to help users program the pumps without actually having to see the display. Both pumps also now offer a temporary basal rate change, allowing the user to temporarly raise or lower the basal delivery rate for times of stress, irregular meals, or prolonged exercise.

One addition to the 507 pump from MiniMed is a “Square Wave Bolus” feature. This is an extended bolus delivery option for prolonged meals or snacking.

The H-TRON-Plus has a new scrolling capability, which allows for easier programming.

Both pumps are now available.

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