New Gear for the New Year

DiabetEase Products Inc., the manufacturer of Syringe Guard, has introduced two new portable diabetes packs. The packs, Samsonite World Sport Cool Packer and Samsonite World Sport Cool Packer Jr., are designed to conveniently hold and protect diabetes care products.

Designed to keep insulin cool on hot days, the packs have foam insulated compartments and a refreezable, non-toxic gel ice pack. The packs are made of a water-resistant nylon cloth and include a one-year warranty. An adjustable, detachable shoulder/waist strap is included. The packs are available in blue or black.

It is estimated that over 1.5 million people taking insulin choose to reuse their insulin syringes for economic and ecological reasons. Syringe Guard¨, launched by DiabetEase in 1994, is an insulin syringe storage container designed to maintain the needle shape and sharpness of all insulin syringe brands and sizes.

For more information call Home Care Express at (800) 678-5733.

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