New Easy Way to Draw Up Insulin

To make the withdrawal of insulin easier, Diabetes Insulcap, Inc. has created the Insulcap, a device that allows for the use of both hands on the syringe when removing insulin from the bottle.

The Insulcap fits tightly over the mouth of an insulin bottle, creating a seal so that the bottle can be turned upside-down. A syringe can then be pushed through the Insulcap and held with both hands while withdrawing the insulin. With the Insulcap, virtually all insulin can be removed from the bottle.

Diabetes Insulcap, Inc. developed their device specifically for people who have difficulty withdrawing insulin, including people with arthritis, children, and finger amputees.

The Insulcap is priced at $9.95 for a package of two. For more information, write to Diabetes Insulcap, Inc., PO Box 4147, Las Vegas, NV 89127-4147. It’s also available at Sugar Happy Diabetes Supplies, call 800-347-4848

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