New Diabetes Software Can Help You Master Your BGs

Does monitoring your blood glucose readings and trying to figure out yourinsulin dosages intimidate you? Do you have trouble keeping enough data for yourdiabetes care team to analyze?

Becton, Dickinson & Co. (BD) created BD “Interactiv” DiabetesSoftware, an easy-to-use program to help you to track and analyze the patternsin your blood glucose readings and insulin dosages.

Like a Browser

The software resembles a Web browser similar to what you use when accessingthe Internet. It has tabs for several pages: Home Page, Meter Page, View Page,Setup Page, Print Page, Help and Exit.

The Home Page has options to download blood glucose readings from your BDglucose meter and view them on the screen or automatically send them to yourprinter. It also contains one-click access to Help, Interactive Tutorials andthe BD Diabetes Web site.

The Meter Page offers options for downloading your blood glucose readingsfrom your BD glucose meter. Note that it downloads data only from BD glucosemeters.

The View Page is where you create easy-to-read charts, reports or graphs. Thegraphs and charts are color-coded: yellow = above target; green = in target range; red = below target.

The Setup Page lets you choose options for printing, units of measure(mg/dL or mmol/L), and allows you to create your user profiles. This softwareallows for more than one user and more than one glucose meter can be downloaded.

Uses Serial or USB Interface Cables

This software is the first on the market to allow downloading from a glucosemeter using either serial or USB interface cables. It also can download 500 testresults in less than 45 seconds. It can run in a home user mode or in ahealthcare professional mode, which allows tracking of multiple users and ispassword protected.

And the Cost?

BD Interactiv Diabetes Software with USB or serial cable costs $39.99.Purchasing the software separately costs $9.99. The product can be purchased onthe BD Web site, or you can call them at (888) 329-6297 to place an order forthe software and cable. For more information, see and look for the software under the “Blood Glucose Monitors” tab.

Q. Will the software run on a Mac computer?

A. No. It runs only on the Windows operating system (95, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP).

Q. Can BD Interactiv download data from other companies’ glucose meters?

A. No. The software is compatible only with BD glucose meters.

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