New Device Shares Diabetes Info on the Go

Biomedtrics, a Pleasanton, Calif.-based technology company, has introduced the ditto Glucose Data System. The ditto device communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth technology to retrieve blood glucose data from a meter and send it to a mobile device. A mobile app receives the data and syncs with the mydittolife cloud-based secure website.

By gathering blood glucose test results and providing easy electronic data access and sharing, the system allows people with diabetes to save time and gain better insight into and control of their health.

The small, portable ditto can automatically transmit blood glucose results directly from a broad menu of FDA-approved glucose meters to the free ditto Glucose Logbook Mobile app ( No manual entry is required and test results are quickly and wirelessly transmitted exactly as displayed on the glucose meter.

Data is then available anytime and anywhere on other Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices and from the mydittolife secure website. Users may view immediate and historical data, and share results with their medical professionals, family members, and others via e-mail or the mydittolife web portal.

“One of the largest patient generated data sets in the world is glucose monitoring, potentially hundreds of millions of data points per day,” according to Biomedtrics’ CEO Robert Englert. “Only a small fraction of this data is shared in a way that benefits the individual, their doctor, their family or the community in an efficient and meaningful way.”

Traditionally people with diabetes have tracked their blood glucose results with pen and paper or by manually inputting their results into a digital logbook. Both of these methods create a time-consuming inconvenience for people already having to deal with diabetes daily. Many skip the process altogether.

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