New Book Explores What Must Be Done to Stop Obesity and Type 2 Epidemic

Legendary endocrinologist Francine R. Kaufman, MD,has written a new book entitled “Diabesity:The Obesity-Diabetes Epidemic That ThreatensAmerica—And What We Must Do To Stop It”(Bantam Books, 2005).

Kaufman wrote the book to educatethe public about the costs and long-termimplications of diabetes. Thebook explains why diabetes hasassumed epidemic proportions inAmerica and exposes the true extentof the suffering diabetes can causeand the steps that must be taken toprevent its spread.

Kaufman says she wrote the bookbecause she wants to share herexperiences as a diabetes doctor,researcher and advocate.

“I want you to see what diabetes and obesity havedone to the many patients and people I know and carefor, so you will understand why we must restructurethe way we live,” says Kaufman.

“Diabesity: The Obesity-Diabetes Epidemic ThatThreatens America—And What We Must Do To Stop It”retails for $27 and is available from and bookstores everywhere.

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