New Book Explores the Voices of Young People With Diabetes

Presenting what it calls “an intimate portrayal of the lives of13 extraordinary young people,” Novo Nordisk has published“Young Voices, Life With Diabetes.”

The 132-page book is a collection of stories and images centeredaround individuals who all have one thing in common: diabetes.

“They come from eight countries, spanning five continentsand representing five different cultures, backgrounds and agegroups,” says Alette Heinrich Meyer, manager of corporatebranding for Novo Nordisk. “Some are battling ignoranceand poverty; others have access to the most recent medicaltechnology.”

Novo Nordisk says the reason for the book is to “inspire the waywe think about diabetes as a disease, and people with diabetesas patients.”

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the WorldDiabetes Foundation and benefit children living with diabetes indeveloping countries. The book is available or and costs $28.95.

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