NBC Turns Down Impotence Ad

During the expensive and highly coveted Super Bowl commercial air-time viewers saw everything from Jerry Seinfeld hanging with Superman to chameleons hawking Budweiser beer. One thing viewers didn’t see, however, was a commercial on impotence.

An ad for Muse, an impotence treatment marketed by Vivus Inc., was rejected by NBC because of its subject matter.

Julian Gangoli, vice president of sales and marketing at Vivus Inc., was disappointed by NBC’s decision not to run the text-only ad “in an age where many health organizations are encouraging a more open dialogue about impotence which affects an estimated 20 million men in the United States.”

He comments that it is especially important to reach the overwhelmingly male viewers of the Super Bowl because it affects one in every 10 men by age 50.

Barbara Lippert of New York Magazine found NBC’s decision ironic. “I think it’s very funny that NBC, the home of Seinfeld, would see something like this as tasteless and refuse to run it, when certainly the content of their sitcoms is much more risque than this.”

The ad is currently being aired on other major networks.

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