Nadia Al-Samarrie Nominated as Finalist for 2015 WPA Award of Distinction

The mission and purpose of the Western Publishing Association (WPA) is to recognize those who have distinguished themselves in the field of media each year. I am honored to be among those individuals who have been recognized as having “moved mountains” and nominated as a finalist for the Leadership Award.

As clearly expressed on the WPA website, “The individuals and companies nominated for the WPA Awards have built teams, renovated products – sometimes both – and proven to be leaders in our field. They’ve embraced new ideas, the latest technology and business models, and they do not let anything stand in their way.”

In addition to my nomination, I am very proud that Diabetes Health Magazine is also a Maggie Finalist this year. The winner of the MPA Award of Distinction will be announced at the banquet, along with all of the Maggie Awards.

The event is not to be missed for those in the publishing industry. It is considered the most prestigious publishing event in the West. Publishing professionals from 24 states will gather at the Annual MAGGIE Awards where colleagues will be ceremoniously honored for excellence in print and electronic publishing in nearly 100 editorial, design, and promotional categories.

‘Whether I am the recipient of the award or not, I am truly honored to be in such distinguished company. My passion is what carries me forward to help all of those who have or live with someone who has diabetes in every way I possibly can. I am sincerely grateful for the nomination.”






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