My Hopes for You

Through hard work of many volunteers, and certainly God’s grace

We find ourselves back here this year, at this special place

So I’ve written a new poem, but it doesn’t deal with the usual stuff

I’ve touched on your diabetes plenty, I mean, c’mon, enough’s enough

Well, wait a minute; I guess that’s not completely true

There is a certain message I feel compelled to share with you

The challenges that diabetes throws at you each and every day

Have resulted in some positives, so here’s what I want to say:

You have more courage, compassion and resilience than your friends at home without it

You should feel good about that, and don’t you ever doubt it.

But first and foremost, you’re kids, so I’d like to throw some advice your way

Things I wish I’d known at your age, you know, way back in the day.

Comparing yourself to others is nothing but bad news

Compare only to your own potential, if so, you will not lose

Along these lines, burn this into your mind as if it were on fire,

Only surround yourself with people who will lift you higher.

Learn to laugh at yourself when strange or stupid things happen to you,

Because they happen to us all; there’s nothing you can do.

And remember this one, please; it’s not just worthless chatter,

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.

This next one seems contradictory, so put it to the test,

Giving more and expecting less, are major keys to happiness.

You know, even the sun has a sinking spell each and every night,

But it always rises in the morning to once again burn bright.

So rest, but never quit, at night put things behind you,

And remember that at sunrise, every soul is born anew.

This brings me to the final message that I need to share with you,

Remember that bad times will pass…I promise, they always do.

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