Morning Highs-Non-Insulin-Using Type 2s Have Poor Blood-Glucose Control in the Morning –

If you have type 2 diabetes and don’t take insulin, it’s possible your mid-

morning blood-glucose levels are high.

Researchers in France studied 200 people with type 2 diabetes who were not on insulin therapy. They found that the subjects had an average blood-glucose level of 216 mg/dl during the post-breakfast period at 11 a.m. This pre-lunch high occurred regardless of body mass index, A1C level, treatment regimen or amount of residual insulin secretion rate.

The subjects’ blood-glucose levels averaged 158.4 mg/dl fasting, 189 mg/dl two hours after lunch and 154.8 mg/dl at 5 p.m.

Mid-morning blood-glucose levels should be checked to determine the need for a change in therapy, researchers advise. For nonpregnant adults with diabetes, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists recommends a target pre-meal blood-glucose level of less than 110 mg/dl and a level of less than 140 mg/dl two hours after a meal begins. — Diabetes Care, April 2002

-R. McLean

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