Moms’ Type 1 or Pregnancy-Related Diabetes Increases Offsprings’ Prospects for Type 2

A study at Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark says there is a link between type 1 or pregnancy-related diabetes in mothers and the later onset of type 2 diabetes in their children.

Researchers tracking 597 Danish adults found that their odds of developing type diabetes or becoming pre-diabetic could be linked to their mothers’ diabetic status during pregnancy. Twenty-one percent of offspring whose mothers had gestational diabetes developed the disease or its precursor symptoms.

This compared to 12 percent who developed the disease or its preconditions if their mothers had had a genetic predisposition toward it, and 11 percent of those whose mothers had had type 1 diabetes. Of those members of the study group whose mothers had no history of diabetes in any form, only 4 percent developed diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Danish scientists said that the elevated levels of blood sugar in pregnant women with diabetes increases the likelihood their children will develop the disease.

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Source: Diabetes Care, February 2008.

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