How to Cope With Diabetes

By: Nicole Johnson

There is really no single method that is a sure-fire way to deal with having diabetes. First, however, it is important to realize that diabetes is very different in each individual.

Some tips that have helped my family and me cope with diabetes are:

1) Having a Good Relationship with Your Medical Team

When I was diagnosed with type 1, we found a physician that I could trust. It is so important to have faith in your medical team and to know—deep in your heart—that they are doing all they can to help you.

2) Having a Support Group/Support Team

I don’t have a group that I go visit, but I consider my family and a few close friends as my diabetes support group.

I know that I can call them when I am down or having a hard time with my diabetes control, and they won’t belittle me. Instead, they support and uplift me. I also know that I can celebrate my successes with them.

3) Living My Life with Lots of Hope

Each day I live with the knowledge that science is advancing during those few waking hours. Today, we are much further along in the fight against diabetes than we were yesterday.

4) Using Sources of Inspiration to Help Me Along the Way

When I feel down, I sit back and reflect on those people I know who have had diabetes for many years. They are my inspiration. I think about the people I have met who have achieved the 50-years-with-diabetes medal. I also think about the kids I have met who live with this day-to-day.

It helps me to remember that, all over the world, we are all facing the same struggle and we are all working toward the same goal. At any given time, there are many of us testing our BGs together. We are all warriors in the same battle. If we want to win, we can’t give up or let the enemy cross the lines.

5) Relying on My Faith to Help Me Cope with My Diabetes

Prayer is a huge part of my diabetes care and control. I accept the fact that I can do nothing on my own. God’s strength really helps pull me through.

6) Playing a Game with My Diabetes

It often helps me to look at diabetes in a different light. I try to turn things around and turn diabetes into a personal competition—a game with real rewards and setbacks.

For instance, I will challenge myself to two days with perfect BGs. If I accomplish this, I may grant myself a great dessert or a trip to the ice cream shop. Now, mind you, this is not all the time.



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