Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fattest of Them All?

We are a nation of fatties, according to the World Health Organization, but we’re not the fattest in the world. That dubious honor goes to seven Pacific Island nations, whose population of the rotund varies from 78 percent in Palau to a staggering 94 percent in the (geographically) tiny island nation of Nauru.  Nearly 31 percent of Nauruians have type 2 diabetes.

The United States is close behind, ranking as the ninth fattest nation in the world, right after Kuwait.  Seventy-four percent of us over the age of fifteen are overweight. Today, the world holds 1.6 billion overweight adults. That number is projected by the World Health Organization to expand by forty percent in just ten years, due to the globalization of the western diet and increasingly urban lifestyles in developing countries. (For a complete list of how 194 nations stack up in the obesity department, visit Forbes.com and search for World’s Fattest Countries.)

Source: Forbes.com, February 2007

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