Managing Type 1 Diabetes

The “food police” is what 27-year-old Miranda Montgomery has called her parents for years but she knows they are only trying to help her. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was nine years old.


Her mother, a nurse and her father, a veterinarian, noticed her drinking “a ton of water” every day and her frequent urination. Her dad decided to check her urine. Sure enough she had sugar and ketones in her urine so they took her immediately to see her pediatrician. 


After a complete workup her pediatrician confirmed the Type 1 diagnosis and started Miranda on shots of Humalog. 


Her blood sugars dropped to a more normal level and for the past 17 years Miranda has been wearing a Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm pump which really helps. 


“The insulin pump acts like an artificial pancreas and delivers insulin at a steady rate depending on what my doctor set it to,” Miranda explains. “Then when eating all I have to do is carb count and bolus for the food.


“I expect to get a Continuous Glucose Monitor in the near future that will regulate my blood sugar levels even more precisely. It will be a FreeStyle Libre and will have me wear a sensor to check my blood sugar levels. It will be more accurate than a finger stick of fresh blood. Checking when I feel low is important because that will give me a real-time reading. I’ll just take the meter and scan it over the sensor to get the reading.”


Miranda, a Georgia resident, works as a sales associate in a paint store and goes to college part-time where she studies interior design. After graduation her goal is to design commercial spaces. 


When not working or going to college Miranda likes to read some good books and watch movies. Her favorite movie is “Beauty and the Beast.”


Animal lovers, the Montgomery family currently has two dogs at home. Miranda adds, “I’m also involved in animal rescues and any time we help animals in need I consider it a great day!”

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