Micronutrient Supplementation May Ease Neuropathic Pain

Our diet has changed a great deal since our days as hunter-gathererson the African plains. Not only do we eat more carbs and fats, butwe may also be getting far fewer of the micronutrients that wereabundant in the primitive diet.

At least, that is the hypothesis behind NeuropathyRx, anamalgamation of five micronutrients that its manufacturer ispromoting as a treatment for diabetic neuropathic pain.

Recently, NeuropathyRx was examined in an open-label uncontrolledstudy, during which 28 patients with painful diabetic neuropathywere given NeuropathyRx for three months. On a scale from one toten, they reported an average rating of 6.59 for burning pain intheir hands and feet at the beginning of the study.

They also reported an average of 6.54 for overall pain. Aftertaking the supplement for three months, the burning pain in theirhands and feet had dropped to a rating of 2.44, and their overall pain wasdown to 2.85.

NeuropathyRx contains five antioxidants: N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC),alpha-lipoic-acid (ALA), L-carnitine (LCA), vitamin C, andselenium. The recommended dosage is four capsules a day, and it costsabout $40 for a month's supply of 120. NeuropathyRx is available atwww.neuropathysolutions.com.

We haven't tried NeuropathyRx ourselves, but we're very curiousabout whether it really works. So if you do decide to try it, pleaseuse the Comments feature to describe your experience with it.

Source: Michigan Pain Consultants press release and website

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