Metformin May Aid in Weight Loss for Obese Pre-Diabetic Teen Girls

Metformin, combined with dietary changes and exercise, seems to help obese pre-diabetic adolescents, especially girls, lose weight, says a report in the June 2008 Journal of Pediatrics.

Researchers studied 85 obese teens with insulin resistance, 71 of whom were girls, and had them follow a goal-setting program of smaller food portions and increased exercise. The study divided the teens into two groups, one of which received metformin while the other received a placebo.

By itself, the goal-setting helped neither group achieve significant weight loss. However, 60 percent of the metformin group’s members who also cut back on their food portions experienced a decrease in their body mass index of more than 5 percent.

Metformin is a low-cost, widely available glucose control drug that is usually the first that doctors prescribe for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetics. This means it could become a powerful tool for helping adolescents lose weight and resist the onset of type 2.  

SOURCE: Journal of Pediatrics, June 2008

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