Meeting Gives Diabetes Educators Look at New and Future Products

How do diabetes nurse educators keep up on the latest information? First of all, they read Diabetes Health. That’s what they tell us every year at the Annual Meeting and Educational Program for the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). This year’s convention, the 26th for the AADE, was held in Orlando, Florida.

Educators also check in at the booths of diabetes manufacturers, learning about new and future products. When nurses find products they like, they recommend them to patients, so companies try hard to put their best feet-or meter-forward.

Another big hit is the Diabetes Health $1,000 raffle! Each year, nurses sign up to win one large. This year’s lucky winner is Bonita Wolff of St. Louis, an educator at Cardinal Glennon Hospital.

Congratulations, Bonita!

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