Medtronic’s New iPro Monitoring Device Lets Doctors Track Patients More Closely

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the newest continuous glucosemonitoring system from diabetes management device manufacturer Medtronic.

TheiPro™ continuous glucose recorder is a simplified evaluation tool fordoctors that allows them to uncover patterns and potential problems in patientsthat often go undetected with standard glucose measurements, such asfinger-stick meters and HbA1c tests.

Medtronic says that the device's small size and improved ergonomics will helpdoctors more easily develop personalized diabetes management programs forcertain patients. These include people who experience dangerous high and lowblood sugar levels, are unaware of hypoglycemia, desire better control, havegestational diabetes or are pregnant.

Among the monitor's features:

  • The iPro is attached to a tiny glucose sensor that is inserted just under the skin
  • Once inserted, the recorder automatically measures and stores blood glucose measurements for three days
  • Daily activities such as work, sleep, blood glucose monitoring/finger sticks and exercise continue as usual while patients are wearing the device
  • After three days, the testing is complete and the patient returns to the physician's office where the iPro data, blood glucose meter data and log sheet information are downloaded to a computer
  • Physicians can then generate reports and interpret results with their patients
  • The recorder is small, lightweight and waterproof allowing patients to swim and bathe with confidence

The iPro unit attaches to small sensor under the skin. It records blood glucosevariations over a three-day period.

Patient return their iPros to their doctors who then download its data to acomputer.

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