Medisense Releases New Meter

Medisense announced the release of their newest home blood glucose monitor-the ExacTech RSG-at the American Association of Diabetes Educators’ annual meeting in August.

The ExacTech RSG biosensor is designed to be economical, having a cheaper market price and test strip than most meters, as well as focusing on what Medisense calls “Real World Accuracy,” by requiring no calibration. While meters may always test accurately in the lab, the company literature explains, they may not when used elsewhere.

By using only strips calibrated in a certain range, Medisense says it has eliminated the need to calibrate the meter by means such as entering a number or inserting a special chip.

In a lab experiment sponsored by Medisense, the company found that mis-calibration of several leading meters can lead to significant errors in blood glucose readings.

The RSG is priced to be a budget meter, and sells for around $35 with a box of 50 strips running about $26. An informal DIABETES HEALTH survey found the RSG pricing to be around $7 cheaper for strips and $15 cheaper for the meter than other leading brands. For more information call (800) 527-3339.

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