MediSense Delivers New Software

MediSense has forged to the forefront in biosensor technology with products like the Precision Q.I.D. Blood Glucose Testing System.

Now MediSense has taken their Q.I.D. System one step further by introducing the Precision Link. Precision Link acts as both the hardware and the software in connecting the Q.I.D. System to a Windows-based computer program. The Precision Link downloads the 125 glucose readings stored in the meter’s memory, as well as each reading’s date and time, enabling a person with diabetes to create a complete historical chart of his/her glucose readings. This helps to focus on specific time-related events in a day such as pre-meal, post-meal, and bedtimes, or for selected longer periods such as weekends.

The Precision Q.I.D. meter alone can only display its last ten glucose readings, but stores 125 readings with the dates and times.

Precision Link could provide a more comprehensive picture of your current diabetes therapy’s effectiveness or be a more intelligent basis for modifying your therapy.

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