MediCompass Software

Would you like to be able to share your blood glucose information with your doctor between scheduled visits?

How about the ability to share information about your medications, glucose readings, insulin pump and more with your doctor, without an office visit, phone call, fax or even e-mail?

MediCompass from iMetrikus Inc. may make this a reality.

Managing Your Care Online

MediCompass is an online chronic care management system that can be used by patients and healthcare professionals. In a secure online environment, patients and their healthcare team can organize healthcare tasks and share information. MediCompass can manage information about diabetes, asthma, hypertension and other chronic conditions.

MetrikLink Uploads Pump and Meter Data

Each patient has a unique user identifier and password for logging in to MediCompass; the user can change them at any time.

You can upload data to MediCompass from a wide range of glucose meters and insulin pumps using the MetrikLink, a device that transmits data via a standard phone line and doesn’t need to be connected to a computer.

You can also enter the glucose readings manually. You can enter data about blood pressure, weight, lab results, medications, exercise and more. All the information is automatically fed into the MediCompass system, which works in the background to generate graphs and reports that are easy read and give feedback about how your healthcare plan is working.

Beneficial to Consumers and Healthcare Professionals

For the patient, MediCompass helps enhance communication with the healthcare team and provides a single program to track multiple medical conditions. The information is secure and private. For the healthcare professional, MediCompass helps improve the effectiveness of diagnostic and therapeutic activities, enhances communication with the patient and helps identify compliance patterns and opportunities for intervention. MediCompass will also create graphs and reports about a group of patients.

Safe, Secure and Easy to Use

MediCompass uses a sophisticated multitiered security system, meeting the security and confidentiality standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

MediCompass offers extra features, such as links to sources of diabetes information and support groups. And iMetrikus has partnered with Yahoo! Health, so you can use that entry point to access your own MediCompass record, help track your diabetes-related data and share this with your healthcare team. The MediCompass diabetes module can be found on the Yahoo! Health Diabetes Health Center.

MediCompass works best with a PC and Internet Explorer version 5 or later. Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/ XP are all supported. It is recommended that you use a 56k or faster Internet connection.

MediCompass in partnership with Yahoo! Health has several pricing options. A subscription costs $4.95 per month, or $39.95 yearly. If you wish to electronically upload data directly from your glucose meter or insulin pump, you will need to purchase the MetrikLink hardware for $79.95.

To learn more, call Lori DeWeese at iMetrikus Inc. at (760) 804-1287, or send e-mail to For general information, visit

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