Medicare helps cover diabetes supplies and services

Medicare offers: Screenings for people at risk, Diabetes self-management training, Medical nutrition therapy services, Hemoglobin A1c tests, Glucose monitors, test strips, lancets, insulin, and some insulin pumps, Glaucoma tests, Foot exams, foot treatment, and therapeutic shoes, Flu and pneumonia shots, and Cholesterol and lipid checks.

    For a free copy of “Medicare Coverage of Diabetes Services and Supplies,” visit

    The National Diabetes Education Program has more information to help you manage your diabetes.

    Things to ask your doctor or other healthcare professional at your next visit:

    • How to sign up for diabetes self-management training
    • What kind of nutrition plan you need (medical nutrition therapy services)
    • How to find a program to quit smoking
    • Whether you need a pneumonia shot
    • Things to do at each visit:
    • Go over your blood glucose readings
    • Find out your A1c level
    • Get your feet checked
    • Get your weight and blood pressure checked

    Things to get at least once a year:

    • A flu shot
    • A dilated-eye exam
    • A foot exam (including check of circulation and nerves)
    • A test to check your kidneys
    • Cholesterol and lipid tests

    Remember, talk to your doctor or other healthcare professional any time you have questions or concerns about your diabetes.

    Source: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS Publication No. 11410, May 2009

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