Medical Advice is NOT a One Size Fits All……Be Careful Getting AND Giving!

The post on social media goes out; “My child is going through (fill in the blank with a medical ‘occurrence’.)_____________________.  I have tried this (again fill in the blank) ____________________; that (again)_________________________;  and this again __________________________________ to no avail, I’m very worried, what should I do.

And the list begins on advice.

I’m the first person to state how powerful and needed it is to have support in this journey.  We all would be lost without it.  But to be honest, I would feel much more comfortable if on such posts, they began with……………..”I contacted my medical professional about (all the above) and am waiting for a call back, knowing diabetes is different in each and every person, anyone else go through this, and what did you experience; just while I am waiting for a call back.”

And when it comes to the responses, there are times when I read something, I am looking for; “What did your medical expert say?” and/or “If it were me, I would go to the ER and have a professional medical opinion on next steps immediately.”  And I do not find it.  It is at this point I think, is it a game of russian roulette.  Only a matter of time before the wrong advice is taken.


Because something that worked for my child, does not mean your child should, or could, do the same thing. And quite honestly, it could be dangerous.  I understand that we may think it is a “given” that people know to take everything with a ‘grain of salt’ as it were……..but I’m not so sure.  I also get the idea that we have heard horror stories about what did, and did not, happen at a medical professional’s office.  I get it.  I REALLY GET IT.   But they ARE THE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS FOR A REASON When reading something and wanting to help, please consider to begin your comments with,  “What did your medical professional say?”

We can always weigh a course of suggested action with what others do; but it just make sense for the professional to be involved.  To think that medical advice is given and taken without consultation is one of the scariest things I come across.  Who is doing the ask?  It very well might be that they are brand new into this journey and may not know yet how much one thing needs to be weighed with another.

Assisting others in need is such a GREAT THING and in so many cases wonderful suggestions are made, but I just think it makes sense to start some conversations with, “What did your medical professional say……?”  And if not contacted yet, state, “Let’s involve them now……while you are speaking with others….and you and they can create the best course to follow……..”

Also understanding that some questions are not in this category and I’m not referring to those but, rather, addressing the issues when clearly medical intervention is needed and/or should be sought.

Doesn’t that make sense?  I seek your input.
I am a DiabetesDad.

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