Man Says His Retinopathy Went Into Remission After Taking Pycnogenol

Editor’s Note: DIABETES HEALTH encourages every person with diabetes to see an eye doctor at least once per year. A treatment like the one featured here should never replace professional care, and you should always notify your doctors when you take a non-prescription treatment. Only a professional has the tools to assess the health of your eyes.

Back in January and March 1999, DIABETES HEALTH ran an account of San Francisco resident Thomas Peterson, PhD, and his experience with the antioxidant Pycnogenol.

Peterson, a type 1 for over 47 years, had laser surgery in 1982 for retinopathy in his right eye and was told the day would come for the left eye as well. After researching medicines that might help his retinopathy, he stumbled across Pycnogenol. He began taking it in 1997 and four months later his doctor told him his retinopathy had shrunk. He continued taking Pycnogenol and, four months later, his retinopathy went into remission.

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