Making Time for Breakfast

Many people know that it is beneficial to eat your morning meal, but it can be challenging for many reasons. Breakfast is not the meal to miss, especially when you feel stressed, since it can set the mood for the entire day. The truth is that what you eat for breakfast may be more important than if you eat breakfast at all.

Following is a list of major obstacles to eating breakfast along with some information and healthy meal ideas:

1. I’m too busy

It really doesn’t take long to eat a meal; the preparation is what requires time. The trick is to establish a routine and have a plan. It’s okay to eat the same meal repeatedly; in fact, many people rotate two basic meals, depending on how much time they have in the morning.

2. I’m not hungry

Some people’s stomachs do not easily accept food early in the morning, especially people who take many medications. It is not necessary to eat immediately after arising, but waiting more than one or two hours or until lunch is not desirable. Try a few nuts or a piece of cheese even if you don’t feel hungry.

3. I wake up too late

If you need to leave your house without eating, bring a snack that you can eat either as you travel or at a break. Some easy on-the-go snacks are a few nuts, a cheese stick, some jerky, several grapes, a small banana or other small piece of fruit, a few crackers. Meal replacements are also helpful on those rushed mornings.

4. I don’t like breakfast foods

That’s easy—don’t eat them. Eat leftovers or heat up some soup, some beans, chicken salad, pasta, green salad with turkey or cheese, a meat or peanut butter and sugar-free jam sandwich.

5. My blood glucose is high

By learning to adjust your rapid-acting insulin to match your blood glucose and the carbs you plan to eat, you should be able to eat breakfast. If you do not take insulin or oral medications, it will take time for your blood glucose to come down unless you are able to walk or do some physical activity. You may find that by eating some protein and healthy fat, your blood glucose may decrease more quickly and keep you satisfied.

Breakfast Ideas

For Hectic Days

These “ready to eat” or “heat and eat” foods require little to no preparation or cleanup.

  • Hardboiled egg with carrot sticks or tomato juice
  • Plain yogurt or carbohydrate-controlled flavored yogurt with sliced almonds
  • Whole grain toast or waffle with peanut butter
  • Meal-replacement drink: Choice DM, Glucerna, Carnation Instant Breakfast (no sugar added)
  • High-protein drinks such as Atkins or SlimFast (low-carb variety)
  • Lean Pockets
  • Weight Watchers Breakfast Meal

For Routine Days

These foods require minimal preparation, cooking and cleanup. To save even more time, purchase pre-cut vegetables and fruits.

  • Cooked eggs with avocado, black bean or salsa
  • Cottage cheese and tomatoes or fruit
  • Canadian bacon or sliced cheese with vegetables
  • Soft tacos made with corn tortillas heated with leftover fish and vegetables
  • Egg salad or tofu-no-egg salad (prepared ahead) and cucumbers or rice cakes
  • Turkey and tomato or cheese and avocado wrapped in lettuce or in a sandwich

For Leisurely Mornings

Try these meals on weekends or when you have a little extra time to cook.

  • Eggs scrambled with vegetables and avocado
  • Cottage cheese pancakes
  • Fresh-cooked turkey sausage with sautéed vegetables
  • Quesadilla (low-carb tortilla and cheese) with added vegetables
  • Main dishes made with eggs, such as quiche, frittata, eggs benedict, huevos rancheros
  • French toast with ricotta cheese and sugar free syrup

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