Making Diabetes Connections

You like our changes! All of us at DIABETES HEALTH enjoyed hearing from so many of you that you liked our new layout. We now start the feature stories inside the publication, which reduces the number of page jumps. This opened more room on the front page for our talented art director, Hansen Tom, to create a beautiful illustration.

Our editors, Sharon Kellaher and Daniel Trecroci, work hard each month to provide new, useful and interesting articles for you. We strive to serve you by giving you the information you need to best treat your disease.

Clues To the News

Two conditions that are more prevalent in people with diabetes are sleep apnea (p. 11) and celiac disease (p 12). I recently talked with parents who had a terrible time helping their child control his BGs, until they discovered he had celiac disease. This is an allergy to all wheat products like bread and pasta. Apparently, wheat products inflame the digestive system in those with this condition, which plays havoc with the blood sugar levels. These parents told me that after sticking to a wheat-free diet, their son’s control greatly improved.

Another problem for many of us is neuropathy (p. 12 and 13). We don’t know we have it until the symptoms set in, after “the horse is out of the barn.” I’m told that at this year’s American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions one of the exhibiting companies will be able to diagnose neuropathy long before noticeable symptoms have set in, thus enabling us to take preventative measures. More on this next time.

Two articles that go well together concern osteoporosis (p. 13) and calcium supplements (p. 16). Apparently, type 1 women can begin developing osteoporosis as early as the teenage years, but there’s help in a new product-chocolate-flavored calcium chews. These new supplements taste much better than any that have come before.

If you have type 2 diabetes, you need to be aware of two new drugs that are going to compete with Rezulin as insulin sensitizers (p. 13 and p. 15).

We have good news for patient activists this month. We tell the story of a group of patients and diabetes educators who successfully petitioned their insurance provider to give them the meters that suit them best (p. 30).

Bag of Hope

We were lucky to have the national Juvenile Diabetes Foundation conference hosted in our city, San Francisco, last month. The JDF announced a new program at the conference-the Bag of Hope. This bag, filled with everything from books and a video, to Rufus the teddy bear, are helpful to families of children recently diagnosed with diabetes. JDF volunteers will take these bags into hospitals and deliver them to these families. We’re proud to announce that DIABETES HEALTH has been selected to go into this bag. It’s a terrific outreach program.

Another first was seeing a company, Fifty 50 Pharmacy, displaying chewable, chocolate-flavored vitamins for kids. In our April issue, we reported that people with diabetes use up their antioxidant vitamin stores more quickly, so their vitamin requirements are actually higher than nondiabetics. Diabetes creates more free radicals, therefore you need more vitamins. It is great to see that this need is being addressed for children with diabetes.

We are continuing our program of sending out free sample issues to those who have not yet seen DIABETES HEALTH. Take the card in the center of this issue and give it to a friend, or use the form on page 36.

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