Making a Pump Case of It

Deborah Tally has found a fun and inexpensive way to pump up the coolness quotient of insulin pumps, by using colorful cell phone cases from the dollar store instead of a standard pump case.

Especially for kids, the phone cases come in hipper designs and patterns than pump cases tend to. And if their pump is something that they’d rather not advertise, then the cell phone cases are a nice bit of camouflage, making the pump blend in anonymously with the cell phone crowd.

The cell phone cases have elastic on the sides and bottom, making for a snug fit, and it’s easy to remove the pump from either the sides or the bottom of the case. (Remember not to remove the pump by pulling on its tubing.) The dollar store cases do not rotate, but there are phone cases available that rotate on a clip, making it easy to move the tubing to a more comfortable position if necessary.

Another bright idea from Deborah is the use of stretchy four-legged knuckle bandages, instead of plastic tape, to secure infusion sites. Because air is better able to reach the site area, she has experienced less soreness and discoloration when using the knuckle bandages.

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